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What is Poetry?

Over the years, poetry has been criticized for being too difficult to understand and is quite often the least favourite genre for most students in our classrooms; however, this poor and unjust reputation of poetry has changed as of late and has undergone a resurgence in society as more and more people - particularly young people - are showing a greater interest and enjoyment in both reading and writing poetry.

What is poetry?

Poetry is:

  • the briefest and most powerful form of written expression
  • compressed language that communicates thoughts, feelings, and emotions
  • the accomplishment of four things:
    • it must paint a word picture
    • it must relate an incident
    • it must create a mood
    • it must convey an idea
  • more than just self-expression
  • created for others to read
  • writing about topics you are interested in
  • original - exploring your own feelings - writing about what you think is real or true
  • working with language
  • playing with words
  • discovery
  • FUN!

Watch the two videos below. What is the teacher in these two scenes trying to get across to his students when it comes to poetry? How does he want his class to view poetry when it comes to understanding it? By-the-way... I agree with Mr. !


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